10+ Best Splatter Nail Designs and Ideas

Classic Splatter: A white base coat with splatters of multiple bright colors like red, blue, and yellow for a look reminiscent of abstract art.

Monochrome Magic: Black splatter on a white base for a classic, chic look. Perfect for those who prefer a minimalist aesthetic with a twist.

Neon Nights: A black base with neon splatters in pink, green, and yellow, glowing under UV light for a fun night out.

Metallic Splatter: Gold or silver splatters on a dark base, such as navy or black, for a sophisticated yet edgy look.

Pastel Dream: Soft pastel splatters on a white or light grey base, ideal for spring or when you want a more subdued, sweet look.

Galaxy Splatter: A deep space-inspired design with a dark blue or black base, splattered with white, purple, and blue to mimic the night sky.

Watercolor Wash: A more diluted splatter effect using watercolor techniques for a softer, more blended look, perfect for those who prefer subtle nail art.

Halloween Theme: A seasonal twist with orange, black, and purple splatters on a fitting base color for a spooky, festive look.