8 Companies That Have Announced Stores Closings In 2024

Walmart: The retail giant is set to close stores in 2024 due to underperformance and issues with leasing agreements​

Foot Locker: Announced plans to close 400 locations by 2026, many of which are in shopping malls as the company shifts focus to more stand-alone store options​

Bath & Body Works: Announced the closure of around 50 locations​

Rite Aid: Following its bankruptcy filing, Rite Aid announced plans to close nearly 200 stores​​.

Tuesday Morning: Filed for bankruptcy early in 2023, leading to the closure of all its locations, almost 200, predominantly in Texas​​.

Bed Bath & Beyond: After filing for bankruptcy, closed all 360 of its remaining locations, although continues to operate online​​.

Gap: Announced in 2020 the closure of 350 Gap and Banana Republic stores through 2023, aiming to maintain a smaller, healthier fleet of stores​​.

Party City: Closed dozens of stores after filing for bankruptcy in February 2023​​.

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