10 Ridiculous Trends We Hope Will Die Out With the Boomer Generation

In 30 years, when their grandmother died, they would have gotten the china they liked so much.


People no longer use phone books because they can find information online or by asking Alexa or Siri. 

Phone Books

Some millennials may still get their news from Yahoo, but they won't be many, since most people have moved on to more useful news sources.

Yahoo News

We'll never understand why boomers put rugs over perfect hardwood floors that Gen X paid thousands of dollars for. 


Checkbooks are a thing of the past. The best way to pay bills and debts is with a card or a bank transfer. 


Timeshares were a great way to invest in a holiday home and enjoy a vacation without too much stress.


 People got paid well when they were sick, got paid time off, had health insurance, and had a good pension plan.

Workplace Loyalty

Boomers worked and played hard, which surprises Gen X, who often revolve their lives around the workplace.

Work/Life Balance

In addition to affordable housing, the desire to have affordable living looks like a pipe dream.

Affordable Living

People will still call in an emergency, but what used to be a pressing call would now be something that Gen X would email about.

Urgent Calls