10 Things ’60s Kids Did That Would Horrify Us Now

Riding Bicycles Without Helmets: Kids in the '60s often rode bikes without wearing helmets, which is now considered unsafe.

Playing Outside Unsupervised All Day: Children would spend hours playing outside without constant adult supervision, a practice less common today due to safety concerns.

Drinking Water from Garden Hoses: Kids would frequently drink water directly from garden hoses, which is now discouraged due to concerns about water quality and hose contaminants.

Smoking Cigarettes: Smoking was more socially acceptable in the '60s, and it wasn't uncommon for teenagers to smoke cigarettes, which is now heavily discouraged and restricted.

Playing with Dangerous Toys: Toys like chemistry sets with potentially harmful chemicals or lawn darts, which could cause serious injuries, were common in the '60s.

Riding in Cars Without Seatbelts: Seatbelt use wasn't mandatory in the '60s, and many children rode in cars without them, which is now considered extremely dangerous.

Being Punished Physically: Physical punishment, such as spanking or paddling, was more accepted as a disciplinary measure in the '60s,

Limited Sun Protection: Sunscreen use wasn't as prevalent in the '60s, so children often spent long hours outdoors without adequate protection from harmful UV rays.