10 Things Boomers Loved Before The Advent of Smartphones Changed Everything

Whether it was catching up with friends over coffee or having deep conversations with loved ones, there was a real link that smartphones often don't have.

1. Face-to-Face Conversations

People could disconnect from the world if they didn't get messages all the time and had to be online all the time.

2. Unplugged Moments

Before smart phones, people were more likely to try new things and go on adventures. People used maps and guidebooks, which led to surprising finds and meetings.

3. Adventure

Before smartphones took over, going to live music concerts, theater plays, and sports games was a special treat.

4. Live Music and Events

Whether they were eating dinner together or going on trips, the goal was to build relationships and make experiences that would last. 

5. Quality Family Time

People would run into friends or strangers on the street, in cafes, or at social events. This would lead to unplanned meetings and trips. 

6. Spontaneous Socializing

With smartphones came an influx of distractions, making it increasingly challenging to maintain focus and productivity.

7. Enhanced Focus

Before smart phones, it was easy to keep your own privacy. Personal information was not easy to find online, and conversations stayed private.

8. Privacy and Offline Time

Life before smartphones allowed people to appreciate the simple joys and everyday moments.

9. Simple Joys

People had to make their own entertainment because they couldn't use ready-made digital material.

10. Enhanced Imagination and Creativity