10 Things That Terrified Kids In The 1960s

The Cold War and Nuclear Threat: The fear of a nuclear war with the Soviet Union was a constant source of anxiety, especially during events like the Cuban Missile Crisis.

"Duck and Cover" Drills: In school, children were taught to duck and cover under their desks in case of a nuclear attack, a practice that emphasized the imminent threat of a nuclear war.

The Vietnam War: Graphic images and news reports from the Vietnam War were broadcast on television, exposing children to the realities of war and violence.

Polio: Before the widespread availability of the vaccine, polio was a significant health scare, causing paralysis and death, and leading to fear of contagion among children and parents alike.

Stranger Danger: With high-profile kidnapping cases and the beginning of more widespread media coverage, the fear of strangers was a common concern among children.

The Space Race: While it was a source of national pride, the space race also brought fears of space-related disasters and the unknown aspects of space exploration.

Witchcraft and Occult in Pop Culture: The popularity of movies and TV shows dealing with witchcraft, ghosts, and the occult (like "Bewitched" or "The Addams Family") both fascinated and scared children.

Monsters and Creature Features: Classic monster movies and creature features, often shown on television, were a source of nightmares for many children.

Civil Rights Movement: The societal tensions and sometimes violent confrontations of the Civil Rights Movement, widely broadcasted, could be confusing and frightening to children.

Assassinations of Public Figures: The assassinations of prominent figures like President John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr.

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