10 vegan options you can order at Burger King

Impossible Whopper: A Plant-Based Pleasure Enjoy this iconic burger with a vegan patty. Just ask for no mayo to keep it vegan.

French Fries: Crispy and Golden A classic side, perfectly vegan. Pair with your favorite burger or enjoy solo.

Hash Brown Rounds: Breakfast Favorite Start your day right with these crispy, vegan-friendly hash browns.

Garden Side Salad: Fresh and Crisp Opt for no cheese and choose a vegan dressing to keep it plant-based.

Apple Sauce: Sweet Snack Option A healthier, sweet treat that's naturally vegan and kid-friendly.

Maple Flavored Oatmeal: Warm Breakfast A cozy, vegan-friendly breakfast option. Ensure it's made with water instead of milk.

Custom Impossible Sausage Croissan'wich Order without egg or cheese for a vegan take on this breakfast sandwich.

Beverage Choices: Soda, Coffee, and More Most beverages, including sodas and black coffee, are vegan. Opt for plant-based milk in your coffee.