11 Most Adorable Valentine’s Day Treats at Trader Joe’s

Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Roses: A romantic twist on a classic treat, these chocolate-covered strawberries are beautifully arranged like roses.

Heart-Shaped Macarons: Delicate and delicious, these heart-shaped macarons come in various flavors and make for a delightful Valentine's Day treat.

Heart-Shaped Gummy Candies: Sweet and tangy, these heart-shaped gummies are a fun and festive option for Valentine's Day.

Chocolate-Dipped Madeleines: Soft and buttery madeleines dipped in rich chocolate are a decadent indulgence perfect for sharing with your loved one.

Valentine's Day Cookie Decorating Kit: Get creative and have fun decorating heart-shaped cookies with colorful icing and sprinkles.

Chocolate-Covered Pretzels: Crunchy pretzels coated in smooth chocolate make for a sweet and salty treat that's hard to resist.

Chocolate Mousse Roses: These elegant chocolate mousse roses are a luxurious dessert option that's sure to impress.

Heart-Shaped Pancakes: Start Valentine's Day off right with heart-shaped pancakes topped with syrup and fresh berries.