20 Ways A Narcissist Acts When They Can't Control You

Anger and Aggression: They may display overt anger, becoming verbally or even physically aggressive.

Manipulation Tactics: Narcissists might use emotional manipulation tactics like guilt-tripping or gaslighting to regain control.

Blame Shifting: They often refuse to acknowledge their own faults and instead shift the blame onto others.

Playing the Victim: A narcissist might portray themselves as the victim in the situation to gain sympathy and manipulate others.

Passive-Aggressive Behavior: This can include giving the silent treatment, subtle insults, or deliberate negligence.

Smear Campaigns: They may attempt to damage your reputation by spreading rumors or lies about you to others.

Intimidation: Narcissists might use threats or intimidating behavior to try to regain control.

Projecting Their Own Faults: They often accuse others of behaviors that they themselves are exhibiting.

Withholding Affection or Attention: As a form of punishment or control, they may withdraw affection or attention.

Extreme Flattery or Charm: When other tactics fail, they might revert to excessive flattery or charm to re-establish control.

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