6 The Best Curly Hairstyles for Round Faces

Layered Curly Bob: Opt for a layered curly bob haircut that falls around chin length to add structure and definition to your round face while showcasing your curls.

Side-Parted Curly Hair: Create a deep side part in your curly hair and let your curls cascade gracefully over one shoulder for a flattering and stylish look.

Curly Pixie Cut: Embrace a curly pixie cut for a bold and edgy hairstyle that complements round faces by adding volume and texture around the crown.

Curly Shag: Go for a curly shag haircut with layers and texture to frame your face and add movement to your curls, creating a dynamic and flattering hairstyle.

Curly Bangs: Consider adding curly bangs to your hairstyle to draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones, creating a focal point that flatters round faces.

Long Curly Layers: Opt for long curly layers that start below the chin to add length and dimension to your face while enhancing your natural curls.

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