7 Walmart Items Frugal People Never Buy

Disposable Batteries: Frugal individuals might opt for rechargeable batteries instead of repeatedly purchasing disposable ones.

Single-Serve Snacks: Buying snacks in bulk or larger packages can often be more cost-effective than purchasing single-serve portions.

Pre-Cut Fruits and Vegetables: Buying whole fruits and vegetables and preparing them at home can be cheaper than purchasing pre-cut varieties.

Brand Name Cleaning Products: Generic or store-brand cleaning products can often offer comparable quality at a lower price than brand-name options.

Individual Bottled Water: Instead of buying individual bottles, frugal shoppers may invest in a reusable water bottle and fill it from the tap or a filtered water source.

Gourmet Spices: Specialty or gourmet spices can be expensive at Walmart. Frugal individuals might opt for generic or bulk spices to save money.

Single-Use Cleaning Wipes: Rather than purchasing disposable cleaning wipes, frugal individuals may choose reusable cleaning cloths or sponges.

Specialty Coffee Drinks: Frugal individuals may prefer to make their coffee at home rather than purchasing expensive specialty drinks from Walmart's coffee shop.