8 Drinks To Help You Poop Immediately

"The best way to get rid of acute or long-term constipation is to drink enough water.

1. Water

Citric acid, which is a type of vitamin C found in lemons and their juice, may help some people go to the bathroom without making them sick.

2. Water with lemon

That the chia seeds' insoluble fiber helps soften your stools in a way that may help you go to the bathroom.

3. Chia fresca

Coffee is best known for the caffeine it contains, but drinking coffee can also start the digestive system working, making things naturally "move."

4. Coffee

Apple juice has a pretty high amount of fructose compared to glucose and sorbitol, which may help ease constipation in a gentle way.

5. Fresh fruit juice

"Prune juice has sorbitol in it, which is a natural laxative that can also make people feel gassy. People who drink prune juice tend to have better digestion.

6. Prune juice

"Aloe vera has a lot of vitamins and can help move things along in the intestines more quickly, which may help with constipation.

7. Aloe vera juice

True teas, like black and green tea varieties, have thousands of bioactive substances in them, such as amino acids, caffeine, lignins, proteins, xanthines, and flavonoids.

8. True teas with fresh ginger