Tips For Using Makeup Setting Spray To Lock In Your Look For All-Day Wear

Setting sprays can mattify, dewy, or last. Choose a setting spray that matches your makeup finish and skin type.

1. Select A Setting Spray

Shake the setting spray container carefully before use. This ensures consistent ingredient mixing and application.

2. Shake The Bottle

Finish your makeup with setting spray. Close your eyes and hold the setting spray 8-10 inches from your face after applying makeup.

3. Apply At Right Time

For even application, keep the setting spray away from your face. Too close may cause makeup to clump, while too distant may cause uneven coverage.

4. Maintain Spray Distance

Close your eyes and mouth before spraying to avoid setting mist in your eyes and mouth. This keeps the spray from ruining your lipstick or eye makeup.

5. Close Eyes And Mouth

Spray in a "X" or "T" motion to cover your face evenly. This spreads the product around your face.

6. Spray In An "X" Or "T" Motion

After setting spray, gently fan your face with your hands or a tiny portable fan. This speeds drying and guarantees an even set.

7. Fan Your Face

Cover your face, but don't overspray. Too much setting spray can make makeup look heavy and shorten its lifespan.

8. Avoid Over-Spraying

For long-lasting wear, use setting spray in layers and let each dry before adding the next. This strengthens makeup movement resistance.

9. Longevity layer

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