9 Tips For Makeup On Mature Skin

Start with hydrated skin. Hydrated skin makes makeup apply smoothly and prevents fine wrinkles. A moisturizing primer creates a smooth makeup base.

1. Hydrate And Prime

Use tinted moisturizers or lightweight foundations. Heavy formulations might accentuate wrinkles. Choose things that cover without being dense.

2. Choose Lightweight Formulas

Cover dark circles and blemishes with a lightweight, nourishing concealer. Heavy concealers might highlight fine wrinkles. Use your ring finger to gently pat concealer for a natural look.

3. Hide Well

Shimmer gives a youthful sheen, yet it draws attention to tiny lines and wrinkles. Apply matte or satin finishes to textured areas.

4. Avoid Fine Line Shimmer

To hide fine lines, emphasize your eyes. Open your eyes with curls and extending mascara. Dark or sparkly eyeshadows are less flattering than soft, neutral ones.

5. Focus On Eyes

Eyebrows frame the face. Fill in sparse areas with a brow pencil or powder and brush hairs up for a natural look. Avoid hard or heavy brows, which age the face.

6. Define Brows

Add a fresh flush to your cheekbones with blush. Cream or gel blushes give older skin a natural, dewy look. Too much blush near the nose might highlight redness.

7. Blush Application

Choose creamy or satin lipsticks over matte, which can dry and settle into lines. Use a lip liner to prevent feathering and a brush for precise lipstick application.

8. Lip Care

Use setting powder sparingly. Too much powder can dry out skin and create fine wrinkles. Use finely milled, translucent powder on the T-zone if needed.

9. Finish With Powder Sparingly

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