Allegiant Air Passengers Gain Access to Award-Winning Allianz Travel Protection

The parent company of Allegiant Air, Allegiant Travel Company, today announced a partnership with Allianz Partners USA to provide Allegiant customers with travel protection products.

Travelers who utilize to reserve air travel and vacation packages are provided with the opportunity to acquire travel insurance, which provides coverage for unforeseen trip disruptions and cancellations.  

Furthermore, certain protection schemes offer coverage for substantial disruptions in travel and concerns related to checked baggage.  

Allegiant patrons are additionally encouraged to utilize the acclaimed travel assistance services provided by Allianz Partners.  

Allianz Travel Insurance will reimburse Allegiant customers up to one hundred percent of the cost of their insured flight if they are required to cancel or interrupt their travel for a reason covered by their plan (subject to terms and conditions).   

These reimbursements may also extend to hotel accommodations and rental vehicles, among other lost, pre-paid trip expenses. If necessary, clients may contact Allianz Partners directly in order to add coverage to their protection plan.   

Coverage for substantial delays and reimbursement for lost, delayed, or damaged baggage are additional features of some available products.  

Allegiant's esteemed clients will be able to benefit from our consumer-centric travel protection products, according to Jeff Wright, CEO of Allianz Partners USA.  

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Allianz Travel Insurance is available for purchase via via the Allegiant booking path. In the future, the protection programs will be accessible via the Allegiant mobile application.  

Guests of Allegiant who choose Allianz Travel Insurance will be granted access to the TravelSmart™ mobile application, which has received acclaim from Allianz Partners.   

The Alert Center function of the TravelSmart app provides location-specific travel notifications and enables users to access a travel insurance policy, submit and manage a claim, and contact 24-hour travel assistance services in the quickest and most convenient manner possible.  

Every benefit is subject to coverage limitations, which may include a daily maximum. Additionally, essential conditions, terms, and exclusions apply.