Burger King Is Combating Daylight Saving Time With A Week Of Deals

Spring is near in the northern hemisphere, which brings warmer weather, more sun, and new Aldi discoveries, but it also means losing an hour of sleep.

In five days, Americans will spring ahead by changing their clocks forward 60 minutes on March 10. We'll give you a moment to grieve and set a reminder... All set? Great.

Spring DST is one of life's biggest catch-22s, but Burger King hopes to relieve the pain this year.  

In an email to Mashed, the fast food business announced daily breakfast offers for the first week of DST. That's not Burger King's dumbest move.

Seven days of B.K. Royal Perks members get a free Croissan'wich with any $1 purchase on Sunday, March 10. What about non-members? Sign up for the free rewards club on the Burger King website or app.

Burger King's Daylight Saving specials will run until March 16 after free Croissan'wich Day on March 10. B.K. Royal Perks members visit on March 11.  

Morning purchases of $1 or more get a five-piece order of French toast sticks. On March 12, the chain will provide complimentary Simply orange juice with a $1+ purchase.

On Thursday, the King won't ignore Pi Day. Royal Perks members can get free Hershey's Sundae Pie all day with a $3.14 purchase to honor the mathematical holiday.  

Burger King doesn't serve breakfast after the cut-off time, therefore most Daylight Saving discounts are only available during breakfast. Check with your local B.K.  

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