Cap Hair Hacks to Upgrade Your Everyday Look

Claw-Clip Hat Hack

This hairstyle requires just a claw clip and baseball hat. Put on the hat with hair down. Put your hair in a low ponytail under the adjustable backstrap. Twist one side of the hair and make a tiny hole in the back.

Put a claw clip on the twisted pony after pulling it through. This updo is attractive and comfy since the claw clip secures the hat. Ideal for early jogs or workouts!

Messy Bun Cap Trick

An elastic and ponytail braid under a cap create this elegant haircut. Flip the braid through the cap hole and out. Form a braided bun by tucking the tail into the ponytail elastic.

Apply texturizing spray to the hair and squeeze and tug the braid to fluff. For a creative twist, consider a fishtail braid instead of a 3-strand braid. Yes, your untidy bun looks great with a cap. Save and use this technique later to never get bored styling!

Baseball Cap Updo

Curly ladies, try this cap hair trick. We realize wearing a hat with abundant hair is difficult. This beauty blogger uses a claw clip and baseball hat to control her frizzy hair.

To get this hairdo, wear your curls down before putting on a hat. Make a short loop around the cap's rear hole and draw the hair through it to remove the knot.

A claw clip secures the knot as the ends rise. Soft glam is achieved by leaving tendrils free around the face. Now you can get compliments!

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