Care Tips For Healthy And Happy Plant

Place your plants in full sun, moderate sun, or shade according to their light needs. Check for low or high light and adjust placement. 

1. Light

Water plants as needed. Check soil moisture regularly and water when the top inch feels dry. To avoid root rot and stress, avoid overwatering and underwatering. 

2. Watering 

Use plant-friendly, well-draining soil. Add organic matter to soil for fertility, structure, and water retention. Repot plants that outgrow their containers. 

3. Soil Quality   

Know your plants' temperature and humidity preferences. Avoid severe temperatures, drafts, and unexpected temperature fluctuations that can stress plants. 

4. Temperature And Humidity 

Apply balanced fertilizer to plants during the growing season. Too much fertilizer can harm plants, so use recommended rates. 

5. Fertilization

To shape, remove dead or diseased growth, and promote airflow, prune plants. To encourage more flowering and keep things tidy, deadhead spent flowers. 

6. Prune And Deadhead 

To avoid bloom-induced bending or breakage, support tall or vining plants. Place stakes, cages, or other structures as needed. 

7. Support For Tall Plants

Regularly check plants for pests. Use insecticidal soap or neem oil for eco-friendly pest management. Pests can be prevented by removing diseased leaves or plants. 

8. Pest Control  

Practice good sanitation to prevent the spread of diseases. Remove and dispose of diseased plant material, and avoid overwatering, which can contribute to fungal issues.

9. Disease Prevention 

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