Costco Shoppers Are Buzzing About a 6-Pound Bakery Item

With its maraschino cherry-topped Black Forest Bar Cake, Costco recently made waves.

Cherry Topped Cheesecake is another tempting pastry delicacy from the warehouse club, attracting cherry aficionados again.

This huge dessert weighs over six pounds and has a graham cracker shell, sour cream layer, cheesecake filling, and cherry topping. 

"Good! The base is cheesecake, with tart cherries on top that don't taste like cough syrup "Another said the filling is the bakery's danishes one.

Most consumers are unfamiliar with cheesecake, but some noticed that Costco has carried it before.

Despite the dessert's popularity, some Costco members don't like the price. The Reddit user who posted this bakery item image showed it at $22.99.

Others said the cheesecake cost $19.99. As with any Costco item, prices and availability vary by area.

Not just the Cherry Topped Cheesecake is a popular huge dessert on social media. Costco recently introduced a $19.99 Triple Chocolate Cream Pie.