Delta Airlines To Debut New Premium Lounges in 2024

Along with a new culinary program, Delta has announced the inclusion of new lounges and clubs at airports throughout the United States.

With the addition of five lounges in 2024, the company will have over 2,700 additional seats in its expanding lounge network.

The inaugural premium lounge, a sprawling 38,000-square-foot facility featuring a full-service brasserie and a casual, chef-assisted market with open kitchens, dedicated wellness areas, and more, will be located at JFK in New York.

Although the access regulations for the premium lounge are still being finalized, Vice President of Sky Club and Lounge Experience Claude Roussel states that the customer's vision is crystal obvious.

Beautiful spaces and exceptional offerings are insufficient. Upon entering the premium lounge, patrons ought to be greeted with the same courtesy and recognition that they would receive at their preferred hotel or eatery.

Similar to Delta Sky Clubs, every premium lounge will be distinct, with features that are both unique and inspired by the host city. 

After undergoing an expansion, the Club at Miami International Airport will now occupy an area of over 12,000 square feet and accommodate 320 visitors.   

The highly anticipated premium lounge will debut at JFK in the early summer of 2024. The premium lounge, which will span 38,000 feet (including a year-round terrace), will be the most expansive in the Delta network.

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