DIY Tips for Creating Unique Container Garden

Consider using vintage crates, wooden boxes, metal buckets, or teacups instead of pots. Make sure the container drains well.

1. Select Unique Containers

Mix plants with varied colors, textures, and growth behaviors for visual appeal. Consider a thriller (tall and dramatic), filler (middle height and bushy), and spiller (trailing or cascading) for a dynamic arrangement.

2. Mix Plant Varieties 

Add herbs, veggies, or edible blooms to your container garden. This beautifies and delivers fresh ingredients for your kitchen.

3. Consider Edible Plants

Decorate your container garden with garden gnomes, colorful stones, or miniature figures. Personalize the environment with creativity.

4. Add Decorations

Use vertical planters or wall-mounted containers to maximize space. This helps if you have limited floor space.

5. Use Vertical Space

Reuse outdated materials as containers. Vintage boots, luggage, and wheelbarrows make unusual planters.

6. Reuse Old Items

Make your container garden a tropical paradise, desert oasis, or regional plant collection. This unites your arrangement.

7. Create a theme

Try different colors to make a beautiful container garden. Choose complementary flowers or greenery or a dramatic, contrasting palette.

8. Colour Play

Include fragrant plants in your container garden to stimulate the senses. Excellent herbs include lavender and scented geraniums.

9. Add Fragrant Plants

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