Here Are The Airports Where You Don’t Have To Show ID for TSA Pre-Check

Although possessing TSA PreCheck already simplifies airport travel considerably, the procedure is about to become even more streamlined.  

United Airlines passengers using TSA PreCheck who are embarking or disembarking at Los Angeles International Airport or Chicago's O'Hare may soon be permitted to retain their physical identification cards in their wallets.  

New information regarding locations where United Airlines is piloting a new touchless TSA PreCheck process for its bag drop shortcut has been added to its website.   

Facilitated by the ongoing testing, facial recognition technology is facilitating expedited security clearance for passengers by eliminating the need to present physical identification.  

While testing of this novel approach is in progress, physical identification checks will continue to be mandatory in addition to the facial scans.  

At this time, the touchless ID is only operational at O'Hare and LAX in Chicago. However, according to the airline's website, there are intentions to implement the new facial recognition technology at additional domestic airports.   

It is recommended that passengers continue to monitor the United website for updates concerning the most recent airports that have incorporated the new system.  

According to NBC, Delta Air Lines has implemented similar technology independently at JFK and LaGuardia international terminals in Atlanta, Detroit, and New York.  

The TSA PreCheck and Clear agents instructed me to use a new special lane for biometrics, which allowed me to bypass both the standard PreCheck and the separate Clear lanes,

After presenting my visage to the camera, the agent directed me to proceed to the screening machines. No delay was necessary.  

Furthermore, in an effort to simplify matters further, the Department of Homeland Security announced in November that it is exclusively developing self-service screening alternatives that would eliminate the need for TSA agents to be present.