JetBlue Will Construct A New $4.2 Billion Terminal At JFK

JetBlue is making arrangements to augment its presence at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York through the construction of an additional international terminal.  

JetBlue recently commenced construction on the Terminal 6 project, valued at $4.2 billion. The airline stated that this milestone further solidifies its dedication to JFK and New York.  

By connecting the new terminal to JetBlue's current Terminal 5 at the airport, the airline will be able to schedule a greater number of flights and routes and gain access to additional gates.  

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and JFK Millennium Partners, a consortium comprised of JetBlue, Vantage Airport Group, and American Triple I, a certified minority-owned investor, proprietor, and developer, are collaborating on the terminal project through a public-private partnership.  

Additionally, RXR, a New York-based real estate operating corporation, is a consortium member.  

At the ceremony, JetBlue's chief executive officer, Robin Hayes, remarked, "JFK was where JetBlue debuted its first flights 23 years ago.   

Over time, the airline expanded to encompass our contemporary Terminal 5 and now transports passengers to over 80 destinations, including London and soon Paris.  

At a time when JetBlue is poised for substantial expansion, we are thrilled to invest once more. Approximately 1.2 million square feet in size, the new terminal will be situated on the north side of the airport.   

Additionally, the airline projects that the undertaking will generate direct compensation amounting to approximately $1.9 billion and generate employment for approximately 4,000 individuals, of which 1,800 will be union construction technicians.  

There will be two distinct phases to the endeavor. It is anticipated that the initial set of gates will be inaugurated in 2026, with the completion of construction occurring in 2028.  

The terminal will have a total capacity of ten gates upon completion, nine of which will be wide body gates.   

Additionally, over 100,000 square feet will be devoted to dining and retail, with an emphasis on establishments that are based locally, craft beverage options, and Taste of New York stores.  

Touchless systems from check-in to gates and digital technologies that optimize the customer's terminal experience are other significant aspects.