Omaha Airport Announces Billion-Dollar Expansion Project

The Omaha Airport Authority has unveiled a terminal expansion project, valued at $950 million, in response to heightened travel demands to and from the city of Omaha. 

The undertaking will nearly double the dimensions of Omaha's airport (OMA), incorporate two international gateways, and provide substantial amenities for passengers.

Airline passenger demand in Omaha continues to rise, with several months of record-breaking passenger counts in 2018." An additional indication of Omaha's growing prominence is this expansion initiative.

According to the Omaha Airport Authority, 2023 was the second busiest year in the history of OMA, with over five million passengers transiting through the facility, exceeding levels observed prior to the pandemic in 2019.

Beyond the security checkpoint, a new automated inline baggage handling system will be installed to improve the safety, speed, and convenience of security screenings. 

The expansion will also include an enlargement of the terminal boarding areas, an enlarged baggage claim, and additional dining and retail establishments. The cost of the initiative is close to one billion dollars.

Work on the Build OMA construction project is anticipated to reach its culmination in 2028, having commenced the preliminary phase thereof.

At this time, OMA provides non-stop service to 31 of the most congested airports nationwide. Convention and event organizers have consistently lauded Omaha's convenient airport and central location," Ward continued.

The downtown convention and event district is only four miles from our airport, and this new expansion and modernization plan will only increase the airport's convenience. 

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