Outrage as Columbus Day, Veterans Day Scrapped From Holiday Schedule

In a 5-3 vote, the Stamford Board of Education has opted to eliminate Columbus Day and Veterans Day as days off for students.

Holidays Removed from Calendar

These holidays will no longer be part of the school calendar, but educational content recognizing their significance will still be provided, as mandated by a state statute.

Educational Content To Continue

Columbus Day, traditionally observed on the second Monday in October, commemorates Christopher Columbus’ 1492 voyage and his sighting of the Americas.

Columbus Day and Its Complex Legacy

owever, the holiday has become divisive in recent years, with some celebrating Columbus as a hero and others condemning him as a colonizer who subjected indigenous people to violence and brutality.

Divisive Holiday

Veterans Day, observed on November 11, honors the service and sacrifice of the nation’s military veterans.

Veterans Day, a Tribute to Service

The motion to remove Columbus Day and Veterans Day was proposed by board member Joshua Esses.

Board Member's Proposal

Joshua emphasized that students can best learn about the contributions of veterans and the historical significance of Columbus in a school setting.

Educational Significance

Removing these holidays from the calendar would ensure that students receive educational content on these topics.

Teaching About the Events in School