Starbucks Celebrates Spring With New, Colorful Drinkware

Starbucks consistently introduces seasonal drinkware, such Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Iced Pumpkin Cream Chai Tea Latte.

Starbucks previously offered Halloween and winter holiday cups for gifting. Spring brings pastels and bright Easter Eggs, and the coffee giant's 2024 drinkware follows suit.

Starbucks sent Mashed a sneak peek of its spring drinkware collection, which caters to iridescent and ombre fans. The $29.95 24-ounce Pastel Tie-Dye Cold Cup has a dark pink straw and pink, yellow, and blue-green colors.

The $19.95 24-ounce Seafoam Green Shell Cold Cup follows. The shimmering pinks and greens of this item's pastel green straw resemble foamy ocean waves.

The $24.95 20-ounce Spring Showers Glass Water Bottle is opalescent, making it appear blue, green, pink, purple, or all four depending on the light.

The 14-ounce Pastel Pink Curved Mug, a solid beige-pink mug with textured curves, is the exception. The price is $16.95.

Only Starbucks-licensed U.S. stores, including grocery stores, airports, hospitals, and others, sell Starbucks' new merchandise.

Starbucks' spring 2023 line debuted on March 7, so some believe 2024's release date will be the same.

Starbucks is making big changes this year, and this new drinkware fits in. The company aims to reduce paper and plastic cup waste by 50% by 2030.

 While customers have always been permitted to use their own mug while buying in-store, as of January 3, customers are urged to utilize their cup at the drive-thru and when placing orders on the app.

With the constant release of new reusable cups, Starbucks seems to be giving fans even more reasons to bring one with them on their next coffee run.

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