The 15 Ugliest States In America

Nevada: The Silver State, home to the infamous Sin City, vast expanses of arid desert, and, believe it or not, the ugliest states in the USA list.

Kansas: It’s like the shy character in a rom-com who only gets a little attention at the end. Sure, it’s not dripping in glitz or glamour like its coastal cousins, but Kansas has its unique charm if you look beyond the surface.

Delaware: Delaware was the first state to join the union, yet often accused of being one of the ‘ugliest states in the USA.

North Dakota: North Dakota, we want to love you, we do. But this northern state snuggled up to Canada seems to have taken the concept of “plain” to a new level.

Nebraska: Nebraska, the “Cornhusker State”. If you’re someone who gets excited by endless fields of corn, then this might be your paradise. 

Florida: The glorious Sunshine State. It’s got a reputation for being among the “ugliest states in the USA”, but let’s be fair, shall we? Florida is a state of contradictions.

Rhode Island: Rhode Island, the Ocean State, may be minuscule, but it’s got a charm that’s inversely proportional to its size.

New Jersey: Don’t get us wrong, New Jersey has its charming spots, but it’s also a reputation for being one of the “ugliest states” in the USA .