The Best US Airports To Kill Time During Your Next Layover

Layovers can offer a variety of advantages and disadvantages for passengers heading to or from their place of origin on connecting flights.

It could be the opportunity to rejuvenate oneself and the battery of one's phone with a delectable snack at the charging station, or it could be the chance to catch some slumber in the on-site hotel for a shower.

Regardless of the duration of the layover, these terminals in the United States are optimally equipped to provide a pleasant experience.

A recent analysis conducted by the travel specialists at Upgraded Points examined the amenities provided by fifty of the busiest airports in the country to passengers during their layover.

The number of lounges, dining options, and charging stations, in addition to hotel availability, average Wi-Fi download speeds, and TSA wait times, were among the factors that were evaluated.

Upgraded Points rated the top five airports in terms of short layovers, defined as those lasting less than 12 hours.

Number of eateries and retail outlets per mile, terminals and gates, proportion of passengers that arrived and departed on schedule, and average departure and arrival delay minutes were used to rank brief layovers.

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