Tips For Achieving A Natural Makeup Look

Make sure your face is clean and moisturized. Smooth makeup application starts with good skincare.

1. Start With Skincare

Find a lightweight foundation or tinted moisturizer that matches your skin tone. This evens skin tone without seeming cakey.

2. Moisturizer Or Lightweight Foundation

Use concealer only beneath the eyes and on imperfections. This enables your natural skin peek through without looking thick.

3. Spot Conceal Instead Of Full Coverage

Minimize contouring for a natural look. Add definition to the cheekbones and jawline with a little bronzer or darker foundation.

4. Avoid Heavy Contouring

Choose neutral eyeshadows that match your skin. Soft browns, taupes, and beige accentuate eyes without being overly strong.

5. Choose Neutral Eyeshadows

Curling your lashes opens up your eyes and gives a fresh, awake appearance. Follow up with a coat or two of mascara for definition.

6. Curl Your Eyelashes

Fill in your eyebrows with a pencil or powder using light, feathery strokes. Aim for a natural, well-groomed look without overly defined lines.

7. Define Brows Naturally

Apply a natural blush on your cheekbones. Gel or cream blushes look more natural and dewy.

8. Natural, Soft Blush

Choose nude or lip colors close to your natural shade. A sheer lipstick, lip gloss, or tinted lip balm can provide color.

9. Choose Natural Lip Color

Blend makeup well to avoid harsh lines and achieve a natural look. Blend foundation, concealer, eyeshadows, and blush.

10. Thoroughly Blend

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