Tips for Applying Blush To Add A Natural Flush to Your Cheeks

Choose a blush that matches your skin. Peaches and pink tones suit most skin tones, but you can experiment to discover your finest hue.

1. Choose The Right Shade 

Consider your skin's undertone when blushing. Pink or berry shades are good for cool undertones, peach or coral for warm.

2. Mind Your Skin Undertone

Use a fluffy, angled blush brush for natural application. The angled form permits accurate distribution, and the soft bristles mix the substance into your skin.

3. Use The Right Brush 

Tap off extra blush on your brush to avoid overapplication. This minimizes a harsh look and makes color buildup simpler.

4. Remove Extra Product

The fleshy, round apples of your cheeks appear when you grin. A faint blush above these regions creates a youthful, natural look.

5. Smile And Find Your Cheek Apples

Apply blush to your cheekbones in a circular motion with a light touch. For a lifted look, blend the color up and toward your temples.

6. Apply Circularly

Building color is easier than removing blush. Start with a little and add more till desired intensity.

7. Gradually Build 

Avoid sharp lines by blending blush well. A natural, luminous finish comes from smooth application.

8. Blend Well

Cream or gel blush leaves a natural glow. Their blendability and finger application create a fresh, delicate look.

9. Use Cream Or Gel Blush For A Dewy Look

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