Wendy's Fan-Favorite Fish Sandwich Is Officially Back Today

Wendy's fish sandwich returns to restaurants nationwide on Feb. 14 for Lent.

That's right! The Crispy Panko Fish Sandwich, a burger chain staple, returns today, Feb. 12. This year's return date is more than a week early than last year's Feb. 20 debut. 

A wild-caught Alaskan pollock fillet is fried in panko breading and topped with lettuce, American cheese, pickles, and creamy dill tartar sauce on a premium Wendy's bun. 

Wendy switched from cod to Alaskan pollock in its seasonal fish sandwiches few years ago. Wendy's now buys from the world's largest certified sustainable fishery, per a press statement.

Third-party researchers evaluate wild Alaskan pollock populations in the Bering Sea, Aleutian Islands, and Gulf of Alaska for sustainability. 

Wendy's estimates that only 15% of wild Alaskan Pollock is caught each year to ensure future generations have plenty. Even if you don't fast during Lent, this sandwich's responsible sourcing may appeal to you.

Wendy's claims their flaky white wild-caught Alaskan Pollock has a "similar flavor experience" to cod, which it no longer serves. 

"The Wild Caught Alaskan Pollock fillet's buttery flakiness is complemented by savory notes of garlic and onion inspiring our fans' love of the fish sandwich's texture, flavor, and crispiness,"