Why Is Stagg Bourbon Such A Rare Find?

Stagg Jr. was one of Buffalo Trace's cheapest barrel-proof bottles. However, if you haven't been following the industry, the lack of Stagg Jr. bottles on store shelves may worry you.

Nearly tough to find in some regions. What's the tale? Thankfully, the brand remains popular. Quite the reverse.

Buffalo Trace revamped Stagg Jr. in November 2021, which is why you see fewer bottles. 

Mid-2022 saw the introduction of Stagg Jr. Batch 17 and 18. The Stagg Jr. label started disappearing quickly from shelves at that point. Many (correctly) thought Stagg Jr. 

Longtime fans of this high-proof bourbon will be glad to know that Stagg Jr. and Papa Stagg's spirits are alive and well in the annual George T. Stagg releases.

If you locate a bottle of Stagg Jr., especially from Batch 17 or 18, consider it uncommon. Even better, if you find it around $60–$100, grab it. Today's Stagg Jr. bottles are the last of their kind. 

Due to their rarity and popularity, Buffalo Trace bourbons are excellent collectibles, fetching $200 to $400, depending on the batch.

There's no urgency to sell Buffalo Trace's strong, barrel-strength pure bourbon if you love it. Open that bottle and sip.